Project Cases



Kahramaa Awareness Park

Adnoc Tower Abu Dhabi 1

Adnoc Tower

Za’abeel Palace Dubai~1

Za’abeel Palace Dubai

Commercial Bank of Dubai

Commercial Bank of Dubai

The Royal Atlantis in Dubai


Palm Villa in Dubai

Palm Villa Dubai

Dorchesters Hotel

DC (1)

In the past 10 years, we were honored to be involved in these projects.

Project List

S.No Project Name Time Location
1 Kahramaa Awareness Park 2012~2013 Qatar
2 Intercontinental Hotel 2014 Dubai
3 Thomson Grand 2014 Singapore
4 Zaabeel Palace Dubai 2014 Dubai
5 Qatar University 2014~2015 Qatar
6 The Pearl Island Qatar 2014~2015 Qatar
7 Adnoc Tower 2015 Abu Dhabi
8 JVC.Viceroy Dxb 2016~2017 Dubai
9 Dubai-Eye 2018 Dubai
10 Atlantis-The Royal 2018~2019 Dubai
11 Dorchester Hotel 2020~2021 Dubai